The 4Ps of Creativity [Game Kit]

17 04 2008

4Ps of Creativity Game KitA downloadable game kit that can be easily constructed with a printer, scissors, glue, and construction card. The game was designed to help students (individuals or teams) reach higher levels of creativity when they work together on problems that they need to solve.

The game takes students through the “4Ps of Creativity” (person, process, product, press), and it also teaches the concepts of divergence and convergence at basic levels.

This game was originally developed by Jonathan Chambers for The International Center for Studies in Creativity at SUNY, Buffalo.

Kit available as PDF via this download link


SimCity Societies [Software/Game]

17 04 2008

SimCity SocietiesVarious versions of the SimCity computer ‘game’ series have been used in schools for over a decade.  Game creator Will Wright was schooled in the Montessori tradition, and his fascination with play-mixed-with-education has led to even richer gaming experiences.  Added to the original SimCity concepts of wider urban planning and management of infrastructure, this new incarnation also incorporates societal values: productivity, prosperity, creativity, spirituality, authority, and knowledge.

The genius of the SimCity games is that they allow players to experiment with a massive number of combinations and permutations of cityscapes, architectural styles, and system choices, and to then witness the evolution of their system.