About E.M.L.I.C.: Objectives | Authors | Legal

EMLIC◊ (Expanding Media Literacy in Classrooms) is a site to help both teachers and students find recommended resources to support their learning. Our featured resources include websites, podcasts, movies, documentaries, music, software, and even games that can facilitate greater understanding of ideas, concepts and skills.

Search EMLIC’s resources using the ‘search’ feature, or browse different topics and ‘tags’.

EMLIC was originally designed by Jonathan Chambers as a public database for his media/teaching resources. His goal is to gradually involve more members of the education community to build a valuable resource for the education community.

◊EMLIC (Expanding Media Literacy in Classrooms) is in no way related to or affiliated with the EMLIC Act (Emergency Malpractice Liability Insurance Commission), the Flickr.com user ’emilc’, or the character of a half-elven girl who likes to cut and sew.
All other uses of the acronym ‘EMLIC’ and/or ‘E.M.L.I.C.’ online or otherwise are not affiliated with this website or its management.

E.M.L.I.C.: Creating Media Literacy in Classrooms

©2008 Jonathan Chambers. Published under the imprint of Chambers Media.


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